Amiyah Scott back in 2008

I’m sorry but this bothers me.. She… Whatever still has a XY chromosome. She… Whatever was not born that way. If you like men as a man.. Do you! Be homo,be gay, be safe, do yo!. But this shit here is deceiving.

How is it deceiving when she’s open and honest about being transgender? It’s deceiving because you find her attractive and you hate that you do?That seems like its your prob and not hers.

Exactly how many women who you thirst after are born looking the way they do?………..None.

It’s all maintenance and upkeep. Women go through so much to look “bad”.

  • Mustaches are shaved. Yeah women get mustaches like men. Did you know that?
  • Eyebrows are tweezed. Women get unibrows and thick bushy untamed eyebrows like men.
  • Legs are waxed. Women’s legs naturally get hairy like yours.
  • Kitchens are relaxed.
  • Under arms are shaved. Yeah, that too. They grow bushes under there.
  • Tracks are installed. Sometimes that’s not hair naturally growing their scalps.
  • Contacts are inserted. Sometimes they want to spice up their looks.
  • Hair dyes.
  • They get skin treatments.
  • Lashes are laid.
  • Dental treatments.
  • Makeup is smeared all over.
  • Girdles and waist shapers.
  • They work out to keep their figures small in some areas and thicker and plump in others. Or they get surgeries from societal pressure.

No telling what else.

I’m looking in your archive and most if not all the women you have plastered all over, were not born looking the way they do.

It’s only a problem because you WANT to be able to like her, you WISH you could fuck her in your head like you do most other women but you don’t feel like you could.

Sooooo you took time out of your precious life to give me the rundown over my opinion. First of all I’m a kinesiology major with a minor in health promotion at one of the best science schools in the nation(look it up since you have so much time) I’ve taken an overwhelming number of classes about the body and I graduate in December. I’m not oblivious to anything you’re talking about. Now, truth to no one starts out looking amazing and truth to nobody just wakes up beautiful. But comparing shaving and putting weave in ones head to a whole sex change is a tad over the top my friend. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but one thing I can tell you is I don’t like men and I never have, never will. And genetically she is really a he. I don’t care how you put it. Applause to the surgeon for doing a great job cause he did do a good job. And whatever she does in her life is great, I hope she succeeds in everything she comes across. But having a sex change when you can just be a openly Gay man goes into so many other things then just sexuality. Now you gave your opinion and I elaborated on mine(that was posted some days ago). I’m done with this topic


Being gay and being transgender aren’t the same thing. Even if you tried to box it as so, it wouldn’t work. Gay men do not identify as women. Some can be feminine, like some can be masculine or inbetween, but that’s not the same as your gender identification. Every trans woman is not attracted to men so don’t flatter yourself. Some aren’t even attracted to men or women. Transgender is not about sex/fucking/who you want to fuck.

Get this. Some are even virgins. I know you have this sex object generalization built up in your mind of trans people because society tends to pervert everything…Including children and animals.

 LOL Literally has nothing in common, totally different spectrum.

Why do you feel like being gay has a right to exist in the world but not transgender? Why can’t we have variation in life and difference? Why is that a problem? Why does that hurt you? (I believe I know why…) But variation is natural and normal. Open a book. Learn about life. Learn about the Earth and the things on the Earth.

Since you major in Science like myself, you know that nature [natural & normal] operates on variation. Correct?

We have way more “inbetweens” in this world than this or that…It’s just society forces you to portray this or that instead of being authentic. This insecure society (which hates you, me, and everyone else) hates variation and difference and wishes to control [box] everything into black and white when that’s not realistic. It’s never been black and white, [just gay or straight].

Sorry to burst your bubble..

Amiyah is a woman and could’ve exclusively had a preference in women and you’d still be offended. You’d probably be more offended. Why? Because she’s attractive to you (the type of woman who gets your dick hard) but you believe she’s not accessible so its a problem).

Fuck your major bitchboy you’re scared cause you find a transgender woman attractive. Stay pressed cause mama looks gewdt.